Take charge of your corporate rewards.

True Rewards is a next-level rewards platform for digital gift delivery that supercharges your staff and customer incentives, retention campaigns, acquisition strategies and more.

Take charge of your corporate rewards.

True Rewards is a next-level rewards platform for digital gift delivery that supercharges your staff and customer incentives, retention campaigns, acquisition strategies and more.

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Rewards Anywhere

Reward your staff or customers with a custom branded 'Choice' eGift card that they can exchange for any of our major affiliated retailers and watch your reward program take off. With a card this versatile, the only limit is your own imagination.

Reward Staff

Deliver personal corporate gift cards to staff and keep them motivated by acknowledging their hard work with a gift they'll love.

Client & Customer Gifts

Further promote your business, reward loyal clients, attract new customers or increase re-engagement.

Competition Prizes

With a choice from the very best retailers, delivering prizes to competition winners is super easy, secure and cost-effective.

Incentives & Research

Easily reward large volumes of participants instantly and capture accurate data by incentivising participants with rewards.

The eGift card that gives endless choice.

The 'Choice' eGift card is the ultimate corporate gift for any rewards, loyalty and acquisition programs. By letting the recipient decide the eGift Card of their choice, you can guarantee everyone will love their reward.

Select the eGifts it can be exchanged for and re-brand your 'Choice' eGift card with your very own custom image. Send it instantly or apply it across your API's and Widgets. It is the ultimate gift you can give every day with endless choice.

Uber Eats

Buy and Send 1 or 1000+ eGifts Instantly

Use one platform to buy, send, store, redeem digital gifts and rewards at scale. Whether you're rewarding or incentivising staff, loyal customers, competition winners, participants or just sending out simple thank-you's, True Rewards' meticulously designed technology helps you do this in the easiest and most secure way.

  • Fully personalised and customisable to promote your own brand.
  • Re-brand the 'Choice' eGift Card for endless creative opportunity.
  • Deliver, manage, track and redeem all from one easy platform.
  • Pay as you go only for what you need.

Plug 'n' Play Rewards and APIs

Seamlessly integrate our rewards widget and API's to be able to send, buy and redeem rewards straight from your very own platform. Easy to set up and effortless to maintain, our unmatched technology empowers businesses to distribute bulk gifts in real-time to staff, clients or customers in a more personalised way. With a 'Choice' Gift card you can guarantee everyone will love their reward!

  • A 360° end-to-end solution.
  • Multiple distribution methods
  • Customisable, fully-branded and secure.
  • Compatible across web platforms or apps.
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Visa Digital Gift Card is here.
Cashless Instant Mobile-friendly

The Visa Digital Gift Card is sent via SMS and stored in the recipient’s phone wallet. Once activated, the Gift Card can be spent anywhere Apple Pay or Google Pay is accepted.

The Visa digital gift card uses iOS and Android technology to quickly link a gift card value, with a spendable card in the mobile wallet of the recipient. Leveraging the tokenised security already embedded in the iPhone with Apple Pay, and through Android with Google Pay experience, it’s literally a matter of linking the cards and being able to spend as you please. It creates a 100% virtual gifting experience that is both accessible and flexible.

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Get More Out Of Everyone

Easily engage and grow loyalty, productivity and increase sales. Consumers and staff love choice and are motivated by rebates, incentives, offers, gifts and loyalty rewards. Our platform and a huge range of rewards can drive specific brand and consumer engagement and sales channel actions for your business.

  • Motivate and retain your workforce.
  • Attract and re-engage your loyal customers.
  • Give control and let them choose their own reward.
  • Build a culture of loyalty.
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True Rewards provides a complete set of tools to support virtually any rewards program, acquisition campaign, market research and gift distribution model.

Send 1 or 1,000+ eGifts

Send 1000's of gifts within a minute using the easy-to-use platform or via your very own personalised widget.

API's and Widgets

Buy and send gifts right from your very own platform on demand in real-time. No development, no obligations. Learn More

No delivery costs

You only pay for the gifts you buy, no fees or charges to send or distribute the gifts.

Personalise and Customise

Personalise gift emails, greetings, 'Choice' cards and widgets which include plenty of options to suit your brand.

Live Gift Tracking

Track the status of each eGift in real-time and see which recipient has seen or opened their gift.

Pay On-Demand

Only pay as you go so you're never holding any eGift in stock.


More Love. Less Hassle

Keep your customers, staff and clients motivated, engaged and happy by giving them choice, control and convenience.


Do it all within your own platform using our fully integrated end-to-end widgets and digital wallets that give you control and flexibility.

All-In-One Platform

Use the latest technology with our rewards platform that's always getting better as we keep expanding our range of eGift options, so stay in touch to receive all the latest news.

Get started with our products today.

Our products are super easy to set up and work seamlessly together with your brand or platform. Just plug and play!

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How It Works

We remove the hassle of gift giving by bringing sophisticated functionality into one easy-to-use platform. Try our user-friendly gifting experience today and take the stress out of your rewards program.

Select eGifts

Choose gifts from the very best brands or simply choose your own branded 'Choice' eGift card that allows the receiver to exchange for the eGift of their choice. We are always expanding our collection so there’s something for everyone, no matter their passion.

Personalise & Customise

We know how important your brand is so we offer customisation on our end-to-end solutions to ensure recipient interactions are personal and reflect your brand. Adding your beautiful design to our 'Choice' card pumps up those great associations your staff or customers will have with your brand.

Send, Manage & Track

All eGifts are delivered to your recipients either instantly or on a scheduled date via e-mail and SMS. Easy distribution and fast access to rewards makes this the fastest reward solution imaginable. Plus you can easily track the status of each gift sent in real-time.

Keep your customers with confidence

True Rewards strengthens the technological connection between organisations and their customers, clients, and suppliers by empowering them with a bigger reach to incentives and rewards. Join the customer-driven companies that already are powered by True Rewards.

Unlock instant rewards today for better outcomes tomorrow.

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