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From incentivising staff and customers to rewarding loyalty and winners, we offer a complete stack for all your on-demand reward needs.

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Create and automate your customised rewards program with plug-n-play integration using our easy-to-use platform.

Secure, Simple & Reliable

Manage and track your API's, Widgets, Transaction History, Orders and more, all from one secure platform.

Personalise & Track

We bring together everything that is required to integrate rewards onto your website and offer fully branded, customisable solutions.

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A fully branded digital experience.

Our cutting-edge technology allows you create a fully branded experience from start to finish, with a variety of customisable, personalised, and tailored digital rewards. Personalise the 'Choice' gift card, gift email template, redemption page and more. Plug our APIs and Widgets straight into your existing systems and infrastructure, ensuring a fully branded, end-to-end experience for your staff and your customers.

Easy-to-use and with the seamless integration - create, deliver, and manage your digital rewards from anywhere with a fully branded experience at the click of a few buttons.

An integrated suite of products

We bring together everything that’s required for the ultimate flexibility to send digital gift cards on demand and in real-time. Ideal for HR teams with incentive and rewards programs, or sales, marketing, and experience managers looking to improve customer loyalty; an integrated API solution from True Rewards will supercharge your staff, say thank you to your customers, and deliver the ultimate in rewards that are personalised for the recipients, within a fully branded experience.

We also offer companies our integrated payment solution via our widget technology to help companies beat fraud and send gifts on their own platform worry-free.

The backbone for any rewards program

True Rewards provides integrated, tailored and fully managed solutions for all your reward and gifting distribution needs within one central robust platform.

Any Web Platform or Mobile App

Sell, send and manage eGifts on your very own platform or in your iOS or Android apps.

A technology-first approach to rewards

Our APIs offer a truly bespoke experience by seamlessly joining our industry-leading rewards platform with your existing systems.

Digital and Contactless Gifts

Manage the creation of your rewards online, send them in real-time and track the redemption of the cards.

Add rewards to the end of any survey
Start and grow your very own gift card mall
Great for surprise and delight promotions
Instantly add more eGifts to your existing program
Power rewards for your marketplace or business
  • Optimized for Operations

  • On-demand eGift fulfilment

  • Battle tested realiablity

  • Intelligent, Robust technology

  • Fastest-improving platform

The most powerful and easy-to-use APIs

We fuss over the right abstractions so there is no major development work and so that your dev teams don't have to spend months integrating our APIs.

  • Easy plug 'n' play technology, tools and products.
  • No new systems or separate programs to learn.
  • Fast, secure and cost-effective API integration.
  • Pre-built customisation and settings for our APIs and widgets.
  • Pick the integration that's right for your business.
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All our products are super easy to set up with really low development costs and work seamlessly together with your brand or platform. Just plug and play!

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